North America, Asia · 7 Days · 61 Moments · March 2017

Cherry Blossoms & Penises: Tokyo 2017

3 April 2017

Akihabara - Nerdville. Feel very happy here.
Super Potato with all the retro games. Cool store. Played table top Ms. Pac Man Land and Wonder Boy. Someday when I grow up, I'm going to have a room full of retro arcade games.
Lunch at Yodobashi. Remember those days when you could go to Kmart and get food at the store? Not that crap at Walmart & Target but real-ish food. This is better. I love how all of the department stores have restaurants on top and markets on the bottom. Super convenient.
At Yodobashi. Do a 360 and this is about 1/50th of the tripods here. I've never seen so many tripods, shooting vests,cameras, lenses, bags... pretty cool if they have it all in one place. A lot of the stuff I didn't even know existed
So many face machines... i wonder if any actually work

2 April 2017

Got my shortcake. Check.
Beer nuts, good with tea?πŸ€”
One of the coolest things I've done. Ever.
Loving the queue lines to designate where to stand before getting on the trains/metro. The efficiency here is very soothing. ☺️
This toilet encounter is brought to you by Starbucks. Very unimpressive.... I expect better from you Starbucks. πŸ˜‘
So many claw machines...even ones for Pringles
Our first book off was in Kawasaki. Pretty small but "a look at a couple things while riding the worlds smallest escalator
Next toilet and counter at the Starbucks in the Kawasaki More's department store. Nothing special just a plain toilet and very disappointing. πŸ™„πŸ˜Š
Tenga... saw at Don Quixote... Google it
My handsome boy in total cringe... 😁
Alex... poor poor Alex.
Random moments at the penis festival
Penis Festival - Part One
G Funny... "Disney was cool, except all the characters spoke Japanese... it's like what am I supposed to do with my arms!? Stick my arms OUTSIDE the car?! All I heard was Arms!!!" 🀣🀣🀣
Got a matcha tea latte at Starbucks this morning. Forgot I don't like matcha.
I don't know what is in these cherry blossom chips but it's amazing. Stupid Google translate doesn't translate shit in Japanese. Must find Japanese friend.
Friggin delicious. Will buy 12 more.

1 April 2017

Adam and Alex trying their hand at the Penny Arcade
Castle selfie love my peeps
The sun came out just in time for a good castle pic
My attempt to make the "oooooo" like these little aliens but apparently went Asian on the eyes instead. Fail.
G's Nixon-Japanese Peace sign fail. 🀣
The good pic...
Who the hell is this Danny character?!!
So many girls in short school uniform skirts... like. A lot...I have no idea how they are not freezing their asses off.
Lunch at the Queen of Hearts, actually tasty.
G and Alex on the front seat of Space Mountain. I think she may have peed a little. πŸš€
4th toilet encounter... New stuff: waterfall sounds and hand sensor... this isn't getting old yet. 🚽
Tokyo Disney at Easter... πŸ£πŸ‡πŸŒ·πŸ­πŸœπŸ˜‰

31 March 2017

More nighttime cherry blossoms. 🌸
Random pet store... walked by and saw an owl and a monkey. 😳😁
Purdy cherry blossom lights on our walk back.
Don Quijote store... pick up some detergent, an Hermes bag, Legos and sex toys all in one place!
Caught my first PokΓ©mon on their home turf. (Tonya) I don't think the app is capturing who posts what but when in doubt, just assume it's me. Me=master poster.
We didn't find his Bruce Lee's here (store is one of Adam's favorite sneaker brands) but we're still on the lookout.
Dobby!!!! This may come home with me. Got our cute on at Kiddy Land.
Oh yeah.. dude totally playing Hearthstone in front of me while in the line at Calbee. 🀣
Calbee+ store!! Chocolate covered potato chips with soft serve and a potato churro that was soooo goooood.
My Fuji cotton candy... ❀️
Went to a legit Daiso store (non-U.S).... was fascinated by the smoking accessories.
First Trump encounter. Looks like a dictator. πŸ™„ Must translate that sign later.
First vending machine encounter, at G's apartment
3rd Happy Poopy time encounter.. auto lid, warmed seat, has freaking birds chirping like ur in a forest. In G's lobby... I will be spending some quality time here. Mama loves her happy poopy time.

30 March 2017

Alex finally has his first, real Japanese ramen. My little Naruto. ❀️
First encounter with cherry blossoms. Outside G's apartment!
Politeness on the subway is politely encouraged. ❀️
My first Fuji apple encounter... well I'm not sure if they were Fujis but that is what we are going with.
Bubble toys... lots o' bubble toys
My first official Japanese toilet encounter. Narita Int'l Airport. #happypoopytime
Flying into the earth. It looked like we were diving into the water) πŸ˜†πŸ€“There MAY have been a few inappropriate banzai jokes.

29 March 2017

Send Alex to grab a McDonald's Coke, come back with 6 hash browns.

28 March 2017

Dropped Raven off... for some reason it didn't seem like she'd miss us. #spoiled #dogvacation