Gambia · 7 Days · 22 Moments · February 2016

2 weeks in Gambia - African paradise with a lot of friendly people

18 February 2016

To the end of our trip I upload some local #FoodPorn in Kadi Kadi Restaurant 🍚 On the picture you can see Benechin and Yassa with 🍗
After celebration we go around Banjul
When our bellies were already full we go to the local stadium and celebrate Gambian Independence Day! 😮🎆🎊🎉
After Kachikally we went to the capital of Gambia - Banjul! I wouldn't be me if i didn't try some local street food. We ate local Subway XD with cow offal 🐮🐄
We saw a museum of gambian history and take a photo with crocodile 🐊🐊🐊 in Kachikally museum and Crocodile Pool. In this saint lake live more than 100 🐊 WOW! 😱

17 February 2016

Big Reggae Session in Lama Lama Club. 🙌😁😱 Damn Am I in Paradise? 💓😮
Shisa time in Olivia Restaurant 😎 The best shisha I've ever smoked 👳👳👰👰
Some new guests in our hotel 😗😗😗
JulBrew!!! 🍻🍻🍻 next to hotel swimming pool 😵 Best remedium for the heat! 😰😰😰

16 February 2016

Another cool reggae session inna di Gbian Style. Tonight in the Queenset club! LOVE IT 💓💓💓
We have nice dinner in KadKadi the local Gambian bar. There aren't any tourist. We are the only tourist 🙌
Work hard, play hard inna di Gambian style 💪💪🍻🍻
Some new gambian stuff 🍍🍍🍍

15 February 2016

Second day we eat in amazing Gambian Street Food
In the monkey park continuation
We are in the Bijilo Forest Park. We meet a lot of friendly monkeys and feed them. I love it.
We saw how to feed a vulture 😎 Thay are very close to myself 😗
Reggae party in Sizzla's club. Amazing party!!! Africa Unite 💓

14 February 2016

Today's chilling in Holiday Beach Hotel. 1. Make a new friend with Hotel Gardener Bass. 2. Drinking coconut milk 3. Fruit lunch prepared by Alimatou uor fruit lady 🍋🍍🍉

13 February 2016

Very tasty tradiconal Gambian dish called domoda or Yassa (means the same 😝) On photo version with beef
13.02 after breakfast in hotel and meeting with our hotel resident we star explor Gambia! Afyer we go out the hotel we met a lot o friendly people and taste some Gambian drinks

12 February 2016

We sleep in Holiday Beach Hotel in Kololi. This hotel have gr8 location from one side we can go out to the never sleeping city, another side we can go out to the Atlantic ocean beach 🙌.