United States of America · 21 Days · 8 Moments · November 2016

1685 sequoia st. California, Unite...

8 December 2016

You guys are awesome!!! Have fun!!

1 December 2016

We felt there might be witchcraft happening here and we just take authority over this place and release freedom. Alesia felt turmoil through the park in this area so we released freedom, cleansed the land and asked for forgiveness. We release prosperity and that this area is a place where the Holy Spirit dwells. We pray that all the dark things going on here will be brought to light and that the Lord will give new ideas that will be effective to bring change and healing. Isaiah 61. There were also two different churches down the road and we felt there might be things stopping them to grow and that they may be empowering the wrong mindsets. So we just prayed into the Lord giving you ideas and fresh wisdom to the leaders in these churches so that they are not perpetuating any cycles of poverty going on in this area.
We pray for community and new encounters for the people of the sundial apartments. We also prayed for the managers of the apartments that they would have resources and would not be in lack. We pray for wisdom with any circumstances that seem impossible. We speak like and health over the grounds and that the people would be taken care of here
We are driving around the neighborhoods surrounding and Erica who hasn't been to this neighborhood yet called out prosperity over the neighborhood which is what we felt the first week we prayed

19 November 2016

ON OCTOBER 27th: Asa and I prayed for Sequoia today. Asa saw a home for recovering addicts and a community garden out back in the large field. •• Jill

17 November 2016

We feel there is a lot of peace with the apartment complex but also there was sexual sin and some witchcraft with a certain apartment. We declare presence and peace, and take authority over what has been allowed to take access here. We close the door to Any witchcraft and declare this is the Lords place. We release power and ideas to ppl who want To go after their dreams, people who have had once had a relationship with the Lord would have encounters and would turn their hearts back.
Praying for generations of kids to make a difference in the world for sexual purity for release of their voice and identity