Oman · 13 Days · 52 Moments · February 2017

1000 & 1 Night in Oman

22 February 2017

Day 14: Last day in Muscat. Flew back to the capital city and waited at the beach and saw our last sun set in Oman.

21 February 2017

Day 13: Finally we saw 🐬🐬🐬 it was soo mega hyper super duper cool!!!😍😍😍 a whole day on a comfty Arabian boat, snorkeling and watching dolphins (telephine as my niche says)

20 February 2017

Our Airbnb - was not the worst one. Had everything we need and a clean bathroom.
Day 12: tonight we eat fresh fish. Our host, Eldo, shows us the best places in Khasab. The fish will be brought to the restaurant next to the fish shop and prepared medium spicy 🌢 yummy
Day 12: rest of the day, we spent at the public beach. Didn't take 10 min and the first kids brought us some 🐚. It was so fun. We even learned them MauMau πŸ˜‚
Day 12: after checking in in our nice Airbnb, we visited the Fort. This time we had to pay 500b but the little museum and library are worth it. πŸ“š
Day 12: On our way to Muscat again. The sun rise is magical and we are looking forward to spend our last days in Khasab. The flight there was breathtaking ✈️

19 February 2017

Day 11: today we were at the highest mountain of Oman - the Jebel Shams. 3009 meter high and 1km steep walls. We had the chance to see a beautiful sunset. Amazing!πŸ—»πŸŒ…
Day 11: A very expensive trip to the al hoota cave (20€ p.P) if u have seen some other ones, like in AT, it is not worth it. It was a 20min tour with an Omani who spoke English with a really bad accent.

18 February 2017

Day 10: Pizza Hut isn't better in Oman! πŸ˜‚
Some facts about Oman: they love Switzerland, Bavaria and Austria. They often come in summer for vacation in the mountains. But also old German people love the Oman. You will see a lot of bus tourist, coming as a swarm to Wadis and citiesπŸ˜‚ best fact: Omanis are super nice and toleant. I just had to go behind the post office desk to find a zip problem of courseπŸ˜‰
Day 10: The last bike rider from tour de omanπŸ…
Day 10: Today we went to/on Jebel al Akhdar πŸ—» with our german friends from the desert to visit the green plateau and villages. In spring and summer the are bit greener but still worth the 2h walk. But it can get quite hard,especially when you have to walk next to shit.πŸ˜‚ And in Sayq Felix got invited of course from some nice ladies for tea 😜 we were also invited. The 3 girls also thought Felix is a famous actor, because some famous guys stay in the Nobel hotels in Al Aqur.

17 February 2017

Day 9: Nizwa and the Souq. Today is Friday, so most of the shops are closed till 4, but I like it. It's calm and quiet. A taxi driver showed us a nice tea house where we drank karak tea.🍡
Day 9: In the morning we got a wonderful breakfast and handmade bread. Afterwards we ride with the dromedars before we drove to Nizwa.

16 February 2017

Day 8:After watching the πŸŒ… we got some Karak and dates, before dinner.
Day 8: After a quick shower, we want to the dromedar and to watch the sunset in the desert. πŸͺ
Day 8: A night in the desert!🏜 we spent one night in a really nice camp, called Normadic desert camp. It's more traditional than the others and the Omanis are really kind there. We were picked up and went by jeep to the camp.
Day 8: Wadi Bani Khalid 🌴🏞 another oasis. Nice, but not that green as Wadi Shab. Also lot more tourists and the way to the wadis are Beton. Also at the beginning there is a coffee house. So my favourite Wadi is for sure Wadi Shab with the 🌴 although for swimming that one has its advantages.
Day 8: Goodbye tent. Would lie when I say,I will miss u😁

15 February 2017

Day 7: Tonight we were at Ras al Jinz turtle reserve 🐒🐒🐒 we saw huge green turtles after they laid eggs. And 2 little ones who did not find the way to the ocean. They are really easily irritated by light. I have to say, in the beginning I was not sure if I like such a tour, but they really respect the animals and don't hesitate to stop tourists from something stupid and are quite strict.They also explained us how the turtles lay their eggs and why on that beach (sun rise)
Day 7: OMG finally a real coffee β˜•and after a week without any coffee (except 2 nescafΓ©) we were a bit hyper hyper aftwerwards.^^
Day 7: Today we visited Ras al hadd and the castle there. 🏰 in Oman are a lot of Forts and castle, but don't think they are like European ones. 😊
Day 7: Ras al Hadd, little Fisher village. Nice but a bit too small and no mountains. But only place to camp. Rest of the beach is under nature protected area, because turtles give birth there. Note: some places in Oman are really dirty. RAD AL hadd is one of them.
Day 7: Sur at day. βš“οΈ
Day 7: Yummy Lunch 😝 veggie Sandwich and salad, BUT it was really tasty.

14 February 2017

Day 6: Night walk in sur
Day 6: Arabian restaurants or such are hard to find in Oman (because only Indians and Pakistani serve here, it seems), so we were happy to found this recommended Arabian sea food restaurant just next to the hotel πŸ€— it was delicious (even the lobster with ketchup) as you can see on the last picture. 😝
Day 6: After 2 nights at the beach, finally a bed and a SHOWER 🚿 hotel: al Jumhour
Day 6: Our way to Sur πŸŒ΄πŸ–πŸš—
Day 6: More pictures of Wadi Shab πŸ€— PS: the Bavarians are everywhere (see pic)someone left it there 😁
Day 6: Wadi Shab, one of the best Wadis in Oman. The deeper you go in, the nicer it gets. After 1 hour of hiking in the mountains (nothing for people fear of heights) we arrived in the heart of the Wadi. But actually we were looking for the waterfall, so after a short rest we went back and finally found itπŸ€— that's the disadvantage of being the first ones😝 you don't find the obvious

13 February 2017

Day 5: Finally arrived at White beach. Not as nice as expected after the last 2 beaches (jep, now we have high standards^^) after a rough night (the wind was insane) we hit the street to Wadi Shab. 🌴
Day 5: πŸ–πŸ˜ super nice beach. Unfortunately it was super windy, so hurt quite a bit, but Felix jumped in and hit the waves anyways 🏊 Afterwards we drove to our next destination:white beach! We almost run out of gas, so we had to take a bit unconfable Street. πŸ˜‚
Day 5: Good morning πŸŒ„ our tent at day amd our wonderful breakfast! Also, on our way to As Safaih..a really great beach, we heard.πŸ–

12 February 2017

Day 4: Good night, it was a long day!
Day 4: Before we went to bed/tent, we visited the little village and either Felix invited himself for coffee or a nice woman asked usπŸ˜‚ her son said:"she told me you were my friends and visit me" haha We got tea, oranges and dates. Talked about Oman and it's politics and learned some traditions.the woman also feeded me and gave me kiss for goodbye
Day 4: The yeti beach: a reeeally great place to sleep. Few Omanis where there to watch the sunset or grill, but not more than 5. A really long sand beach where boys play ⚽ (photos will follow) and a cliff with a bay and a huge rocket. A must-be!
Day 4: Today, we are sleeping at the beach, called Yeti. Not far from Muscat but a bit hidden. The drive there was already exciting and beautiful 🌴🌴🌴
Day 4: Shopping for 2 days a the beach....of course I need new shoes for that 😜 And we found a USB port in the car, look how happy Felix in the car!
Day 4: Finally visited the Grand Mosque πŸ•Œ really nice, modern Mosque. Build 2001.

11 February 2017

Day 3: Before leaving tomorrow to sleep a the beach, a jump in the rooftop pool. Life sucks 😜
Day 3: Qurum National Park and fancy dinner at "the left bank lounge" (with an European and clean toilet!!!)
Day 3: Relaxing walk at the qurum beach and nice sunset AGAIN πŸŒ…
Day 3: Barka beach (with a little car stuck in the sand, but Omanis are super helpful) Afterwards a visit at a Fort, but unfortunately it was closed...but who cares with this countryside is driving also fun! 😁
Day 3: Al Seeb - a fishers town in the west of muscat. NOT so clean as Muscat but I guess a typical town. Yep, it's a goat head on the picture!😢

10 February 2017

Day 2: Oman automobile association show 🚘 There were even 2 other women πŸ˜‚ woow and for the ladies pink
Day 2: Late Lunch at Muttrah Souq (market). (A lof dogs and cats live in the streets and spend their days at the bins.) Later we could watch a really nice sunset at the corniche. πŸŒ…
Day 2: Al Alam Palace 🏰 and Muscat old city. A really quite place, because it's the government part.
Day 2: Driving through Muscat πŸš— really clean, huge streets, and great buildings
Day 2: The grand mosque πŸ•Œ today is their "sunday", so no access for us, but we try tomorrow πŸ€—
Day 1: We arrived safe in our nice hotel with a big bed. After a whole day travelling, we just want to sleepπŸ€— Hotel Dunes has really nice personal and at breakfast we got to know the Hotel Mangers, a really nice woman from Philippines