Thailand · 10 Days · 22 Moments · October 2013

10-Days Trip to Koh Chang via Bangkok

5 November 2013

Getting back to the airport via bus To get back to the airport we didn't take the taxi but a shuttle bus. It is as fast and only costs a third of the taxi rate. We were happy to save some money again! Just ask at your hotel or hostel about those busses going to the airport!
Shopping at Khao San Road Our Australian friend told us about the famous Khao San Road and it was really worth going there. It is a very vivid street with many different shops. You can buy all kind of things. Beautiful jewellery, clothes, spices and all kind of presents to bring to your loved ones at home. I was very happy that we got there on our last day so we could get everything we wanted before we left. Also, we got our last thai massage! They offer different cosmetic treatments at many places - you should try some of those. You won't get it for that price at home :).

4 November 2013

The perfect Thai Massage - 1 hour for 3€ The best part was the massage at the beach - 1 hour costs about 3 €! At the hotels you pay 10 times the price! So we had our 1st thai massage there and we will never forget it.
Koh Chang - cheap tramper site for 5-15€/night We met an Australian girl during our jungle trip and she told us about this very cheap tramper site. So we decided to save some money and spent our last night in Koh Chang there! The beach and the resort were great, also the food. You had pretty nice waves there and could have a try on the surf board. The room - our hut - was pretty poor. But there was nothing else to expect for 15€/ night. We already had the more expensive room because we had a shower with hot water. Cockroaches are included for free, hehe!

3 November 2013

The absolute adventure of our jungle trip Those who decided to trust him had to jump into the water - he told us to do it exactly as he does as the water isn't that deep everywhere! Then we were climbing up the waterfalls and then jumping again into the water. We continued doing that for about an hour and got further and further away from the rest of the team. Wow - it looked sometimes pretty dangerous, but I just did what the rest was doing. In the end we got to a big waterfall and went through it! There was an interesting cave - awesome! It was the best adventure trip I ever had.
Jungle trip with Rat Many hotels offer different day trips from different organisations. We booked our one-day jungle trip with Rat (the guide) for a good price at our hotel. We got picked up in the morning with a van with some other people from other hotels. On the way to the jungle we stopped at a certain street where many monkeys live. Rat had brought lots of bananas which we fed to them. Was a lot of fun! They crab it even from your hands. Rat cared really for everything - those who didn't bring appropriate clothes for the jungle, he had shoes and jackets to borrow. Also he distributed some insect sprays. We went about 2 hours inside the jungle and stopped at different places where he showed us interesting plants or exotic animals, like the green mamba or the tarantula. For lunch we stopped at a nice little river with a pool of dammed water. He provided good lunch for us. Then he asked us if we were trusting him and who wants to come with him. Most of us were curious and followed.

2 November 2013

Kamal - the society Tailor As we made such a good experience with the tailor in Bangkok we went into another tailor shop in Koh Chang. The tailor there was very nice and helped us in many ways (gave us a car lift, drove us to a cheap market etc) - so we decided to let him do some more shirts for us and also a suit. We were very content again. If you should go there, send Kamal (the tailor) greetings from us :-) - you will get a good price!
Kayak trip to the deserted islands in front of the beach We absolutely recommand the rental of a kayak for a paddle tour to the islands which you can see in front of the beach. They one in the back look pretty close but still you have to paddle about 40 minutes to get there - depending on the water flow. If you are lucky you are even alone on the island. Of course, other people are coming with there boats as well. Take some extra sun milk with you - we got burned even though we used some before we left.

1 November 2013

Some reasons to go there in October! October is still off season and therefore everything is cheaper. It is the end of the rainy season which means it can rain once or twice per day for maybe 15 minutes. The sun comes back afterwards :-)! The temperatures are very moderate and stable around 30°C which is very comfortable. Another reason to chose this time is that most resorts are half booked or almost empty. So you have everything on your own - sometimes we had the impression we had the whole resort for our own.
Pay one night - get one night for free! Special offer during off season! The reason why the Sea View Resort was cheaper than all other hotels was this special offer they make during off season. We stayed about 8 nights and only paid 4! For a double room with breakfast we paid 50€/night.
Sea View Resort After 3 days in Koh Chang we moved to the Sea View Resort. I've found this hotel on the internet and as they offered the best price, we've decided to stay at least for a week. We expected less in comparison to the other hotels because of the low price (huge double room with breakfast for 50€/night). But we got surprised again! This hotel and its resort topped it all. We had a spacious room with 2 bathrooms and a nice view on the beach. The balcony was great too! We loved everything there. They had a beach side restaurant and another one on the top of the hill with a very nice view! As you see on the picture you can have your dish directly on the sea side, enjoying sunset. The beach and the water were very clean. There are swimming pools on the beach and up the hill. As the resort is really huge, we've hardly met any other guests. You either walk up the hill to the restaurant within about 20 minutes or you take the shuttle service or the cable car! Breakfast & dinner were very delicious

31 October 2013

The elephant camp The elephant ride was very adventurous but I wouldn't do it again. The positive side of the experience was the jungle you step into while sitting on the elephant's back. Also it is nice to feel the elephant's skin and to experience the majesty of this animal. Great! But it has a price. Those elephants are very poor creatures, they are forced to be obedient by their elephant guide. I didn't see it but I've heard about brutal methods to make the elephants obedient. I wasn't aware of that before. We were just told that these animals were used as "work slaves" before and now they have a good life, which is not quite true. On top of that, we've heard later on that a Russian guy was killed by an elephant the year before. So it is quite dangerous too.

30 October 2013

The beach The beach at Paradise Resort was very clean and idyllic with blue water. There was a swing tied on a palm tree which was fun. You can walk along the beach to other Hotels. I remember a nice concert on the beach hosted by another hotel.
You get 10-15% off the price if you book via this page A friend of mine who is travelling to Thailand every year told me about this page: - where you can get cheaper room rates than you get from the hotel directly. You might not find every hotel there, but really a lot! We've checked the Paradise Resort on and were very happy to get 15% off! On this way it costs about 100€/night - you get a villa and a huge pool on your own! GREAT :-).
Pool Villa for great price - Koh Chang Paradise Resort We spent our first nights in Koh Chang in an exclusive pool villa in Paradise Resort. We've never experienced such luxury before - we were just blown away. You can choose between pool villas at the beach side or at the garden side. As the latter was cheaper, we took the one in the back. But it turned out that these pool villas were actually better because you had your privacy, nobody was passing by as people did on the beach side. The villa is equipped with elegant furniture and also the private pool was perfect. In addition, we also had an outdoor Jacuzzi. The breakfast and dinner at the hotel were good as well. Dinner we had to pay extra. We paid about 100€/night for the two of us (breakfast included) - but this was already the special price we got via!

29 October 2013

Don't forget to let your hotel pick you up from the ferry station The only thing we've forgot to manage in advance was to let our hotel in Koh Chang know when we would arrive. They have shuttle services for their guests! All other people were picked up from their hotels but us. So we had to take a taxi which didn't look safe at all. But you can count on the adventure here too!
The cheapest way to get to Koh Chang + great opportunity to see the country while on the road We checked flights but as they were pretty expensive (about 200 €) we decided to take a 3 hour bus ride to Trat where we could take the ferry to Koh Chang (all together about 20 €/person). The whole trip took about 4-5 hours, which was ok for us. We wanted some adventure and we got it. We met interesting people on the bus and we could also see different places within Thailand. Everything went pretty smoothly. We've asked for bus companies at the hotel in Bangkok and then we chose the one with a good departure time and moderate price.

28 October 2013

Good but cheap thai restaurant We didn't want to eat all the time in the Hotel because it was much cheaper outside - so we tried the little thai restaurant just next to the hotel, directly on the riverside. It looks a bit trashy but it is definitely worth going there! The food was very good and the prices are original thai, which means very cheap for people from the west.
The best places in Bangkok if you only have 1 day - James Fashion We wanted to go to a tailor, so the guide brought us there. Of course, the tailors wanted to sell as much as they could. We told them that we were leaving the next morning - it was already 6 pm - and that there was no point in it. But the tailor assured us that they would deliver the things to our hotel before 10 pm. We couldn't believe this but accepted though. Before we arrived at the hotel at 9 pm the trousers and shirts were already delivered! And on top of that, everything fitted perfectly.
The best places in Bangkok if you only have 1 day - Wat Pho Temple with huge lying gold Buddha We decided to stay in Bangkok only for 1 day. For us this one day was sufficient, as we've seen everything we wanted. We went to 2 different Buddha temples (one of them was with the famous gold Buddha statue lying on the floor) - and then we told our guide (who was for free, this was a special tourist offer from the government) we don't want to see the other 10 temples he wanted to show us. They are all very similar and pretty much the same. To enter the temple you also have to pay a little fee.

27 October 2013

Only take official taxis On the airport there are plenty of official helpers who point out where you find the official taxis. Of course there are also lot's of people around who want to trap you which can be very dangerous for you. So be careful! As soon as you are in the city center, you find different taxis to get around. One of them is the so called "tuctuc" - they are cheaper and also quite popular. But as you aren't in an closed vehicle, you have to breath the air on the road which is quite polluted.
First Night in Bangkok - Hilton Millenium After a 10 hours flight with Eva Air (a good airline, we had nothing to complain about) we got a taxi directly to our hotel in the city center of Bangkok. We wanted to start our holidays with some luxury as we were on honeymoon and never did that before. We expected something nice but it was absolutely overwhelming, yes breathtaking, for us! What they managed to do was that they exceeded every expectation we had. They really treat you like a king and it doesn't even seem to be only formal. We've never experienced so much hospitality on such a level before. In the restaurant they could read literally wishes from your eyes, you do not have to call for a waiter, they know you need something before you give signs. The food is delicious and incomparable. The hotel facilities are great, we enjoyed the pool floor and the sky bar which offers live music and the best cocktails we've ever had. We also recommend the double room with the cheapest rate (about 100€/night) - great view!